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Сейф (The Safe)

«The Safe» is one of the most enigmatic bands in Russian underground with its original poetry and music style, as well as a sizable stock of about thirty albums.

The band was founded in the end of the 1980’s in Palekh (which is the center of Russian lacquer miniature painting) in the area of future painters. Creative atmosphere and the inspiration by Tarkovsky’s movies have influenced the band’s style. Philosophic poetic texts, original images, melody and uncommon arrangements make The Safe one of the brightest and the most outstanding bands on the Russian musical scene. The band’s music is an intricate mixture of different styles: rock, jazz, reggae, ethnic music… Nikolay Kovalev and Sergey Karavaev are the main lyrics’ writers. The band gives many concerts. During its long history it was many times awarded at different festivals, appeared in the programmes on the Russian television, was shot in the documentary film for the San-Francisco’s 9th TV-channel.

Gradually a creative association engaged in organizing various cultural performances, festivals and shooting amateur films was established around the band.

«The Safe» works much in its own studio «Safe Records». On December, 30, 2010 the band finishes working at its 30th album «All the Sorrows of the World».

From the review of the rock-journalism «guru», TV and radio anchorman Alexander Krasnov: «I consider the album «All the Sorrows of the World» of the Palekh band «The Safe» one of the best albums recorded in the last years and also the best album in the band’s discography. I am absolutely sure that it should be heard, that’s why I’m starting an unprecedented action – the songs from this album will be played in every issue of my programme on «Radio Rossii» during January and February».

From the review of James Baker – Professor of Music at Brown University in the USA: ««The Safe» is clearly a very talented group, and the music has great appeal. The arrangements and vocals are great! The music is a sophisticated blend of a number of musical currents that I can: there's whimsy reminiscent of «The Beatles», the mellowness of Paul Simon, beats from latin or other world musics. I know even less Russian rock: am I wrong that maybe «Aquarium» is an influence as well?…»

In March, 2011 «The Safe» records the single «The Time to follow the Sky» – a joint international project with the poet Michail Karasev (Israel), the author of the number of hits for the band «BI-2».

The contact information (Nikolay Kovalev)
skype: safeproduction
icq: 402-532-537

The Safe:
On a scene (5 musicians)
• Leader vocal, guitar
• Bass, back-vocal
• Keyboards, back-vocal
• Drums
• Clarnet, percussion

Организация концертов: thesafe(собака)
89605044642 (Николай)

Бывало, возьмёшь топор, нарубишь битов, да замиксуешь кашу…
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В преддверии нашего нового альбома, ещё раз покрутим «Кувшинок Бледных Хоровод».

06 Feb 2015 07:56 am
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27 Dec 2014 07:59 am
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10 лет официальному сайту группы СЕЙФ! К этому знаменательному событию у нас полностью поменялся дизайн. Некоторые разделы ещё в работе, постепенно пополнятся, но уже сейчас вы можете побродить по сайту. Нам ценно ваше мнение. Удобно ли? Симпатично ли? Нам интересны ваши предложения и пожелания. Ну, и, конечно, если вы обнаружите какие-то ошибки, опечатки, неработающие ссылки и сообщите нам, мы будем глубочайше признательны.

Welcome to!

И да, ждём всех в следующую пятницу (31 октября) на нашем концерте в Шуе в музее им. Фрунзе в 18:00!
24 Oct 2014 05:54 am
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